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Speed Testing and Connection Quality

The quality of your connection depends on multiple factors.
Some of those factors are under your control, like the hardware capabilities of your router (higher CPU power means faster encryption, therefore higher bandwidth) or the ethernet cable quality and the layout of your home (more walls means less wireless).
Connection speed is also influenced by the ISP service bandwidth (beware of Bandwidth Throttling) or VPN server resources, load and geographical location. It goes without saying that these conditions are outside your control.
Because of these multiple moving parts, it is essential to be able to evaluate the quality of the connection to a VPN server after establishing it.
For this purpose, you can run a speed test right from the Status dashboard section.
On this widget, you can also see the latest 3 results if available, or a message if not.
To check more historical data around connection quality, check the more in-depth Connection History page.
ShieldMe - Connection Quality

Past Speed Testing

If you’ve been using ShieldMe for a while, a look into the Connection History page will also help deciding which servers to connect and which to avoid.
While it may be true that some of these past connection quality results may differ to the current situation, it is unlikely, since many factors that determine these results are not in your control.
Learn more in the Connection History help article.
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