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Connection History

Preamble on Connection History

All data used to display analytics is stored exclusively on your device and never leaves your local home network. As with all the other features, Connection History section requires authentication within the ShieldMe application to be viewed.
You can also download the data directly from the interface in case you need to do your own analysis or crunching.
To be noted, changing the VPN provider in Configuration section will also switch the data set relevant to that VPN provider. In other words, by using different VPN subscriptions at different times you will essentially have different Connection Histories.

If you want to take network security to the next level, check out the following tutorials to learn more about securing your router and find what your options are:

General History

This section aggregates the entire available data set and displays stats in two ways:
  • Country level
  • Server level
The available data points reflect the most important aspects related to your VPN service experience:
  • Most Connected – this shows you which country and server you preferred to connect through in the past
  • Average Best Speeds – this provides an average speed based on your speed test execution results at a country or server level
  • Average Quickest Connect – this provides you the best average times to connect to a VPN server at a country or server level, measuring the time elapsed since clicking “Connect” and until a connection is established
ShieldMe - General History

Servers History

This section serves two main purposes.
First, the table shows data sorted by the date and time of connection (so latest server connection appear at the top, while older server connections are pushed down).
Second, each entry can be expanded, giving you essentially a drill-down to get details at server level regarding:
  • Connections
  • Speed
  • Time to connect
Each server also shows the average on top of the expanded section along with a graph right below it to indicate the evolution over time of these stats.
You can also download data for that specific server or even directly connect to it straight from this table.
ShieldMe - Servers History
Previous Speed Testing
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