How to uninstall ShieldMe There may be situations where you want to remove ShieldMe from your device. It is easy to uninstall, just follow the

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Default Router Credentials

Default Router Credentials This is a collection of router usernames and passwords for router factory default settings. Ultimately, the main purpose of this list is to help

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VPN Subscription

Choose an active & supported VPN subscription ExpressVPN NordVPN Surfshark P.I.A. Namecheap IVPN ProtonVPN PureVPN HideMyAss Windscribe Note: These are paid promotional or contain affiliate

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Router Firmware

Your router runs on DD-WRT or OpenWrt router firmware OpenWrt Image courtesy of wikimedia DD-WRT Image courtesy of wikimedia ShieldMe is actively developed and tested on

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ShieldMe Configuration

3 easy steps for ShieldMe Configuration Application Settings and Licensing ShieldMe will always automatically check for the following settings to be present: License Key –

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