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A VPN service works great with the default VPN client apps, but only on some devices and operating systems.

As a consequence, compatibility is limited.

ShieldMe works just like the VPN client app for computers or phones, except it runs directly on your router!

Just by connecting to a VPN server with ShieldMe, you automatically secure every device in your home at once.

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With ShieldMe





Other Devices

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ShieldMe Status dashboard widgets


Overview of your current connection status details.
Disconnect your router from VPN server.
Run speed tests to check the quality of your connection.
Reconnect to a server previously used.
Recommended servers based on current geolocation.
Favorites overview, to connect to your top 3 favorite VPN servers.

Active Server List

Search & connect with a click of a button!

No need for long or confusing instructions to change the server or connect to a different location.
Just use the intuitive geographical locations filter at the top of the list to search for desired region.
If that’s not enough, more filtering is available on Server or Address, making sure you really get to the desired server easily.

Each available server entry allows you to quickly connect or to add/remove servers as Favorites.
ShieldMe available VPN servers
ShieldMe Favorites server list


Never worry about forgetting a good server you use, just mark it as favorite!
Drag & drop to rearrange list (top 3 will be shown in your Dashboard).
Filter your list by Server name, Country and Continent.
Quick connect straight from the list of servers.

Connection History

Evaluate performance of VPN servers with historical data that remains only on your router.

A summary on top of the page gives you a quick overview of the best speeds, connections or locations.
Here, you can also download all of it at once.

Down to the bottom of the page, your entire connection history is available, displayed in chronological order, starting from most recent at the top of the section to oldest down the bottom, allowing you to quickly reconnect to a server or export historical data specific to that VPN server.
ShieldMe connection history & analytics
ShieldMe custom VPN rules

Custom VPN Rules

Customize how VPN works for each device connected to your router.
Available options are:
The default behavior, automatically routes traffic through VPN tunnel for that device, when VPN server is connected.
Otherwise, it routes the traffic through your Internet Service Provider.
Force routing traffic through VPN tunnel.
The device will not have access to internet if VPN disconnects or tunnel is not available.
Force bypass VPN tunnel, routing traffic through your Internet Service Provider connection, completely avoiding any VPN server  protection.
Additionally, you can customize how your VPN works for specific destinations like websites, IP addresses or domains.
By default, if no specific rule is set, the above device rules apply. These custom rules can be set:
Force routing traffic to destination through VPN tunnel.
Force bypass VPN tunnel, routing traffic to the destination through your Internet Service Provider connection, completely avoiding any VPN server  protection.


Sneak peek into ShieldMe screens and options*:
*Installed version may look and feel a little different.