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Why does the VPN server location matter?

VPN services offer to connect to hundreds of locations and thousands of servers. It might be hard to choose the best VPN location to connect to.
The basic principle of choosing an optimal VPN server location is how this might influence your browsing/online service experience.
If you want to stream movies, unblock content, or want privacy while browsing, then the server country location you connect might differ.
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VPN server location for unblocking content

A VPN server location you connect to directly influences what content you can unblock. For example, to stream the newest US-only TV shows, you must connect to a US-based server. A VPN virtually changes your location so you appear in a country where you are connected. This will allow you to unblock any content that is only  accessible from that country.
The same principle applies when circumventing censorship or traveling abroad. For example, when you are in a country where social media platforms are blocked, you would need to connect to a VPN server located in a country that doesn’t block access to these websites.
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VPN server location for better speeds

The VPN speed mainly depends on two factors – the distance to the VPN server and that server’s load. The bigger the distance from your real location the slower your speeds will be. A long distance to a VPN server will negatively affect your page load time and download speeds. This is especially noticeable in countries with an underdeveloped internet infrastructure.
VPN server’s load usually means how much internet traffic is traveling via that server at a given time. The bigger the load the more it is expected that this server will slow down your internet speed. To reach the best speeds it is best to connect to the server that has the least load.
The internet speed is also influenced by other factors that are not directly related to a VPN. This might be internet rush hours, your ISP, or the type of internet connection you have.
Generally, the best VPN location for better speeds is the one closest to your real connection location. That means it might be a VPN server in your own country.
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VPN server location for privacy and security

Technically, the privacy and security of a VPN connection is the same no matter where you connect. But, the data retention law of the country you connect or where the VPN company is based plays a big part.
Some countries allow or even require VPN service providers to collect user data. This personal information might be shared between intelligence agencies and governments.
Thus, the best VPN service providers from a privacy/security perspective are those based in countries where the law doesn’t require them to store user data.
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