Quick Install Guide


To be sure ShieldMe will work smoothly for you, please check that you meet the following requirements, before getting started:

Router Firmware

ShieldMe is actively developed on top of DD-WRT and OpenWrt.
It goes without saying, that your router must run either of them to support ShieldMe.
Additionally, your router must also feature at least 32 MB of flash storage to ensure there are no issues during installation and use. 
If you’re not sure, please read the this support article before moving further. 


Image courtesy of wikimedia



Image courtesy of wikimedia


VPN Subscription

An active VPN service subscription is required for ShieldMe to work.
Here is a list that shows the VPN service providers currently supported by ShieldMe:
Note: These are paid promotional or contain affiliate links.

Install Steps

Great, so you have the basic tools to make the most out of ShieldMe. All that is left now is to get it running on your router, by following these steps: