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ShieldMe Configuration

3 easy steps for ShieldMe Configuration

Application Settings and Licensing

ShieldMe will always automatically check for the following settings to be present:
  • License Key – You should have received the ShieldMe license key to your registered email after the purchase is processed. Otherwise, if you haven’t received the email or want to recover the key, check your order details on the My Account – License Keys page.
  • ShieldMe Email – For license validation reasons, the email address used on your ShieldMe account must also be set.
  • VPN Service Provider – Select the VPN provider you want to use ShieldMe for (you must have an active subscription to their service)
  • VPN Service Username/Email – You should have this from your VPN provider (used when connecting to their servers)
  • VPN Service Password – You should have this from your VPN provider (used when connecting to their servers)
Please note that if any of these settings is missing, ShieldMe will always open the Configuration page until you fill the missing information. Other configurable fields:
  • Language – as time goes by, more localized versions of the interface will be available through updates to increase usability and user experience
shieldme configuration requirement 1
ShieldMe - Configuration

Local Account Profile

For your security, ShieldMe requires authentication with a username and password.
The default credentials used are:
  • default user: admin
  • default password: admin123
Please change these immediately after installation to ensure access is secure!
Learn more about Password Strength here.
ShieldMe - My Account

Updates and Manual Installation

ShieldMe allows update installation straight from the configuration screen.
When accessing the Configuration page, an update check is done to verify if a newer version is available to install.
Note: The System Update section will also allow you to manually install a different version or reinstall the current version, if needed.
ShieldMe - System Configuration
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