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Establishing a VPN connection means your internet connection will exit through the VPN server instead of your ISP modem.
Learn more about Internet Censorship here.
As long as the VPN connection status you configure within ShieldMe is active, any device that is connected to the Internet through this router will have its network traffic encrypted and IP address masked.
With ShieldMe you will not need to connect each device to the VPN server, as credentials are stored in the router’s DD-WRT or OpenWRT firmware.
In order to make sure that your Internet connection is being rerouted appropriately through your VPN service, visit the IP Detection page and make sure the location listed is the one you have chosen in your VPN settings, not your actual geographical location.
Currently, ShieldMe supports the OpenVPN protocol for VPN client connections.
PPTP VPN protocol has been deemed as insecure by the privacy community. Because of this, ShieldMe does not offer support for PPTP VPN connections.
Learn more about OpenVPN here.
ShieldMe allows you to run the VPN client establishing a connection straight from your router. Once connection is established, every device connected to the router will tunnel through the VPN by default.
Now you can stream content like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Pandora Hulu, or Amazon Instant to your TV through any of these devices, instead of being constrained to streaming content on your computer!
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