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Logs - Log Files

ShieldMe log system uses a file-based system and will save errors as well as other informational messages. These files are of 3 types:
  • VPN Client Logs
  • System Logs
  • Error Logs
As their name suggest, these handle different aspects of the application and can be opened, viewed or downloaded directly from ShieldMe interface by clicking the filename button.
You can also download an archive of the entire collection of logs via the Download All button.
Learn more about Log Analysis here.
ShieldMe - Logs

Error Handling

ShieldMe will show a message when an error occurs, as well as a notification saying that the error was saved to the logs.
The More Details button will show the error contents, even if sometimes it might not look very friendly, it surely will help with understanding the root cause.
Important to know is once an error occurs, navigation will be locked until you press the Refresh button. This is a requirement even after navigating away to a different page.
Learn more about Exception Handling here.
ShieldMe - Technical Error
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